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Hosts are facing unique challenges due to COVID-19. Signup and fully experience hotspot with no strings attached.

Once published, your property get contact with qualified people wanting to promote your business and get a boost from social platforms.

There’s nothing to pay until you set up a collaboration.

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Connect with 400+ pre-qualified travel influencers

We only accept 5% of influencer applications.

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Grow direct bookings through influencer marketing

A great way to diversify your acquisition channels.

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Social media promotion and high-quality content

Get new assets useful for your communication.

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Vacant rooms

Turn unoccupied rooms into efficient advertisement

In agency mode, the procedure can be automated.

We provide a simple princing to help everyone to get qualitative collaborations.


  • Access to all hosts
  • Free contract setup
  • Collaboration reviews


  • Access to all influencers
  • 20% commission
  • Agency mode

Any question about that pricing table?

What is a "commission on a collaboration"?

A collaboration is a both-signed contract between an influencer and a host. Once signed, we assess the financial value of the collaboration by taking the public price of the services offered by the host to the influencer, and apply a fixed commission.

Any example?

  1. an host offers 2 nights and a yoga session to an influencer
  2. a night with that host is valued 200€, and a yoga session is valued 80€
  3. total collaboration value is 2x 200€ + 80€ = 480€
  4. we apply a commission (15 or 20%, depending on host plan) and send the invoice to the host
  5. in that case, if the host hold a star plan, commission for that collaboration would be 15% of 480€: 72€

No collaboration = no commission.
That’s our success fee.

An agency mode?

We take care of your marketing strategy, but we know you do not have enough time to look for influencers and manage all the collaborations.

hotspot will identify relevant content creators and submit pre-validated profiles that you will only have to confirm. We will then take care of the contractual part and the optimizations of your host page.



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