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Hotels are facing unique challenges due to COVID-19. Start with a 30-day free trial and fully experience Hotspot with no strings attached. Afterwards you can continue using Hotspot for $29/month per property. Cancel anytime.

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In an era where consumers have never been hungrier for reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, influencer marketing is the digital marketing strategy for promoting your hotel and driving direct bookings.

But choosing the right person to work with out of millions of content creators and getting the return that you are looking for is a time-consuming challenge. In a relatively new type of hotel marketing without any rules or benchmarks, Hotspot shows you the way.

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Hotspot helps you create high-quality collaborations from start to finish. Set up influencer marketing campaigns with 3500+ travel content creators to promote your business.

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Hotspot helps you build relationships with the most exclusive hotspots around the world. Explore a world of luxury travel your way.
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