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For hosts ➡
  • What is hotspot?

Hotspot is the leading travel influencer marketing platform trusted by properties in 85 countries. We help properties promote their business by matching them with pre-vetted travel influencers.

  • What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing uses the power of travel content creators to drive more people towards your hotel. It’s a method of attracting and engaging people who trust recommendations made by their favorite influencers on social media. Hosts can use this to increase their brand awareness and drive more bookings. hotspot is built to help properties connect and set up influencer marketing campaigns.

  • How does hotspot select travel influencers?

All travel influencers on hotspot are thoroughly evaluated before they are allowed to join our community. The evaluation is a multi-step process:
- our AI-powered systems scan for followers, engagement rate, travel content relevance
- our team analyzes the quality of content and the global feeling of that influencer.

  • How can hotspot help my business?

We connect hospitality properties with a community of 400+ travel influencers and help you create high-quality collaborations from start to finish. Promote your business by inviting content creators who are traveling in your area and would like to review and showcase your property to their followers. After the collaboration, you can use their high-quality content on your social media channels and marketing campaigns.

  • What type of collaborations happen on hotspot?

From benefits in kind to money, feel free to setup the collaboration that fit your requirements. Hotspot secure the deal by providing a contract that everyone must respect to keep an access to our tool.

  • How does the platform work?

You create a hotspot profile and activate it by adding photos, description and amenities. Once confirmed, you are ready to discover our selection of travel content creators, use one of the many filters to find the right match and send collaboration requests. The communication on the platform goes both ways, so influencers can send you collaboration requests as well.

  • Collaboration terms are your expectations in case of a collaboration, what do expect in return?

Each travel influencer describe the work he's able to provide: social shares, videos, live, photography, blog post for his website or other. Feel free to talk to him to be sure about both expectations.
More than 6 advanced criteria are available to narrow down your search and help you find only relevant influencers. 

  • What about the account I got on hotspot v1?

We have moved all accounts from v1 to v2 and you should have received your new credentials by email. All subscriptions have been cancelled to match the new business model.

  • How does the commission payment work?

Once your collaboration has ended, we send you an invoice based on the public value of the gift proposed to the influencer, to apply commission % and send you the invoice.

  • What if I manage multiple properties?

At this moment, we do not propose multiple profiles management with the same account. You'll have to signup with a different email address.

  • What if a travel influencer doesn’t deliver on the agreements?

Once you reach an agreement with a travel influencer in your hotspot inbox you can make things official in the collaboration contract. This enables us to review whether your partner has delivered on the agreement or not. If this wouldn’t be the case the travel influencer would be banned from the platform. In that case, we do not apply our commission fee.

  • We are not a hotel but a tour operator, tourism board, airline or other business in the travel sector interested in influencer marketing?

Currently we help properties connect with travel influencers, but we would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help your business with influencer marketing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email: [email protected]

For influencers ➡
  • What is hotspot?

Hotspot is the leading travel influencer platform trusted by a community of 400+ travel influencers. We help you connect with 200+ hotels in 85 countries that are looking to promote their business through influencer marketing.

  • How does the platform work?

You create a hotspot profile and activate it by adding photos, audience insights, previous collaborations, travel plans and type of work you provide. Now you are ready to discover our selection of properties, use one of the many filters to find the right match during your travels and send collaboration requests. The communication on the platform goes both ways, so hosts can send you messages as well.

  • What are the specific criteria to be considered as a travel influencer?

We are looking for travel influencers with a focus on delivering qualitative content for properties. Our selection criteria are based on:
- Reach: do you have more than 20k real followers?
- Engagement rate: is your audience engaged with your content?
- Previous collaborations: do you have proven experience in working with hotels?
- Type and quality of content: is your content mainly focussed on travel and of high quality?
This is a global evaluation on all social platforms. A refused profile can be accepted months later.

  • What type of collaborations happen on hotspot?

Everything is detailed on "How it works" page, but this is a non-exhaustive list that you can adapt to your collaboration.

  • What’s the cost?

Good news, hotspot is free for travel influencers.

  • Properties don’t reply to my messages

Complete profiles rank higher in the search of hosts. It is crucial to update your profile to get contacted by hosts on the platform.

  • What happens if I don’t deliver on the agreed terms?

In case of complaints from hosts or not honored contracts we will ban your profile from the platform.

  • We are not an influencer but a talent/PR agency - can we use hotspot?

Yes, on hotspot you can manage all your collaborations. Soon, we plan to add multiple account management.



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