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For travel influencers in the tourism industry, it’s necessary to get the right accommodation when going to another country. Accommodations can be simple and complex, depending on the places you book. Here are the various premium accommodations available and the amazing features they provide for travel influencers.

Apartment Bed and Breakfasts

The bed and breakfast accommodation is just like its name, it offers a bed for lodging and breakfast for occupiers. This accommodation is popular in Europe and the UK for tourists and influencers alike. While not as popular as other accommodations, those who want traditional settings and lodges can use this place.


Cabins can be a good location for tourists and influencers who want a secluded location when they travel. Cabins are nice and affordable for those how to want a modest place to stay.


Castles can be good accommodation for travel influencers with a rich taste in living conditions. With castles, you get that medieval feeling and a place with many rooms and great, exclusive services.


Cottages are excellent places where you and your friends can stay when you are in another city and country. Cottages are a bit old-fashioned, but there are new designs available that travel influencers can rent when they travel. They are nice during the winter and can be a good place for those who don’t want flamboyant accommodation.

Guest house

Guest houses are places where travel influencers are welcome. It is similar to bed and breakfast, however, with slight differences. If the guest is larger, then using a guest house is better than B&B. Guest houses are hotly obligated to offer breakfast, you will have to ask before paying for the rooms.

Home stay

A home stay is meant for tourists and travel influencers who want a deep cultural experience. The idea behind a home stay is to make yourself immerse with a family.


Hotels are very important accommodation that many travel influencers love. Hotels come in many star-ratings from three-star to five-star. These hotels are graded according to the services provided and how they are patronized. You get access to services like Wi-Fi, laundry and concierge.

Island Lodge

An island lodge is an accommodation where you can stay when you visit an island. Islands come with many types of accommodations, and it’s important to choose the best that covers your budget and needs. Island lodges are great because they are cold and they offer a quiet place to enjoy yourself.


When talking about a premium accommodation travel influencers can use, a resort is a viable option. Resorts are usually self-contained and have the best facilities required for you to have a good stay. It’s great for holidays and is located close to malls, beaches and airports. This is a perfect location for influencers who want somewhere interesting and quiet. Resorts usually come with Wi-Fi, calls, laundry and cable channels.


A villa is a magnificent place where travel influencers can stay when they travel. Villas have many rooms where you can have parties, take pictures and have a swell time with your loved ones. The electricity is great, and this place comes with swimming pools and tight security.


Palaces are great for people who want a big place where they can stay. When talking about palaces, you should be considerate about what you need and if you can afford it. They come with lots of perks, bonuses and services which can make them good locations to stay at.


Another accommodation used by top travel influencers is chalets. They are usually found in ski resorts and can be self-catering or catered. Most chalets come with a chef, personal security and free Wi-Fi. A chalet is a good option for those traveling in groups. They are available in different sizes and accommodate many people. Chalets can be shared if you have a small group.

Youth hostels

Youth hostels are accommodation types which are designed for those on a tight budget. Travel influencers who don’t want to spend much on accommodation can stay in a youth hostel. However, it’s more suitable for young people. These hostels come in a school dormitory setting and with bunk beds. It’s ideal accommodation for educational and group tours.


Camping accommodation can be in tents, yurts or teepees. This is cheap accommodation which is available for those who want to stay in their tent. This type of accommodation just allows you to pay for a spot where you can keep your belongings. Recent camping accommodation comes with beds, lamps and wardrobe services.

Farm stays

Farm stay is a unique type of accommodation which is common for those staying in rustic and kiwi locations. Travel influencers visiting Australia or New Zealand will find this accommodation simple and affordable. It is similar to bed and breakfast accommodation with some different features. A farm stay accommodation allows influencers to feel part of a family and can be good for those who would like immersion.


Motels are similar to hotels, albeit with limited options. This type of accommodation comes with furnished rooms and en-suite bathrooms. Sometimes you will find a hotel with a restaurant and a pool. A major distinction between a hotel and a motel is that the rooms in the latter can easily be accessible from the outside, and a parking lot is facing your room. It’s a convenient type of accommodation for travel influencers who are always on the run and just need a place to sleep.

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