Where are the travel influencers?

Would you like to become a travel influencer, travel for free on first-class airlines, and dine in elegant exotic restaurants? That life could be yours. Let’s discuss where influencer marketing works the most and a country with more travel influencers. We will reveal their specialties, whether they are digital nomads, where they come from, and the host destination’s benefits.

In which country(ies) does influencer marketing work the most?

Influencer marketing is a modern development that works through social media and blogs. It is now pervasive all over the world. This type of marketing works better in developed countries with top-notch technology infrastructure and citizens with purchasing power.

Ideally, influencer marketing should work anywhere with internet connectivity, good products and services, and consumer purchasing ability. A top country where influence marketing works the most is the USA. In the US, travel influencers are effective marketing tools that influence consumers who value their recommendations. These can be regarding holiday locations, airlines, holiday resorts, fashion, places to see, food, and more.

These Influencers create sponsored posts and content, sharing their passion and adventures with readers and inspiring followers to live the digital nomad lifestyle. A study by the Nomadlist website’s report inspired by Buffer’s titled “2021 State of Remote Work,” shows that the USA has the most digital nomads in the world.

See the ratings below.

  • First on that list is National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel) with a total audience of 45.6M followers, largely from the United States.
  • The second most hot Travel Instagram influencer is Hanhyojoo with 3.8M followers, mainly from Indonesia.
  • The third most favorite Travel Instagram creator is Jessica Garcia with 6.3M followers, mostly from France.

An example of a travel influencer family is the “The Bucket List Family” of 2 parents and 3 children. They began living this travel lifestyle in 2015. They are the most followed family on Instagram. Likewise, they share their expertise and experiences on their blog and YouTube pages.

What are their specialties?

Travel influencers have different specialties. Some are self-taught photography professionnals creating inspiring pictures of each place they visit. A few travel Influencers are skillful blog article writers, beauty and fashion models, storytellers, and filmmakers.

Others are film editors and producers. Their videos give reliable travel tips and guide tourists as they travel and meet different cultures and social norms.

Watching travel influencers hiking, kayaking, surfing, visiting white beaches, camping, and traveling with a pickup truck cross-country will inspire you to do what is required to reach your goals.

Are these influencers digital nomads? If so, where do they come from originally?

Digital nomads are professionals who move from country to country working as freelancers. They can work by connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi and a laptop. These travel bloggers come from places like the USA, Indonesia, France, India, the UK, etc.

Travel Influencers visit different countries and places, creating shareable digital content and posting them on their blogs and social media sites.

They produce sponsored posts for their large followers and write services and product reviews for brands. These professional travel bloggers earn a living through their blogs and social media pages. They share their passion for adventure with readers and inspire followers to join them in living the digital nomad lifestyle.

What are the benefits for the host destination?

Travel involves the use of transport, hotel accommodation, food, and fashion. There is no doubt that the host or main destinations benefit from digital nomads’ adventures to different countries.

As travel bloggers explore new food, wine, holiday resorts, culture, and national monuments, they increase patronage for those things.

Depending on the travel blogger’s skills and blog theme, whatever they focus on receives media coverage. That is free publicity for that industry, product, service, and country.

All things considered, the host country attracts more customers for tourism, hotel resorts, and the airline Industry.

Travel Influence Guide 2022
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