What’s new in social media in 2023?

The new year means new trends in the digital world!  The social media sector is evolving fast, very fast, with its share of large and small surprises. 2023 is shaping up to be the year that will change the course of things, read this article to know more about it!

Looking for authenticity

In a digital context where transparency and authenticity have become paramount, several platforms have embraced simplicity and made it their DNA. This was the case with the BeReal application, which, according to a recent Google study was voted the best application of the year 2022 by the public.

Social network users are looking for authenticity from brands and influencers. We, therefore, leave aside the perfected and retouched content that sells dreams and we leave room for the real thing through simple visuals, posted in real-time and without artifice to meet this user demand. There is a real demand from Internet users for unfiltered content, personalities, and situations that they can easily identify with. 

UGC, a guarantee of trust

User Generated Content should be a big hit in 2023! Consisting of reusing any type of content created by the public on social networks and not by brands, UGC is important for enhancing brand image and gaining notoriety.

It conveys a certain truth, reality and enhances the relationship of trust between the customer and the brand. Let’s take the example of a customer who is satisfied with his travel experience. He will share a photo of his trip on his networks, mentioning the brand he went with. By doing this, the brand is sure to gain notoriety and enhance its image with users who will identify with the experience of another customer. Thus, they will be more likely to be interested in the brand and its products and services.

Less individuality and more community

Today, getting loyal and engaged consumers is the goal that companies must address in their social media strategy. In 2023, we see new emergencies in user behavior. Being present on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin or Twitter is important and must be implemented in your strategy. However, we note a need for consumers belong to a community that is similar to their own and to have privileged contact with brands, other than on the networks where some comments can get lost in the flow of interactions. The solution to building a strong and engaged community, interested in a brand’s products or services, can be found on dedicated messaging platforms such as Slack, Discord, or Telegram.

The Snack Content 

Snack content and short video formats were trending in 2022 and will be just as much so this year! As you may have guessed, these contents take their name from the little snacks you can eat at lunchtime when you are a bit short on time. In social media, the concept remains the same: the user has access to a short piece of content that he or she can “nibble” on at will, quickly and easily. It’s no secret that today’s Internet users are looking for short, attractive, punchy, and effective formats to inform and entertain themselves. It is essential today to adapt your digital communication strategy in this direction. 


We have seen that many social media trends are emerging in the sector this year. In 2023, social media will continue to play a key role for businesses and users. New trends are emerging and brands need to adapt to them by implementing an effective and optimized social media strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition. With the arrival of the metaverse, new and more immersive formats will emerge and become part of the social media landscape. Let’s stay connected and be on top of the latest social media trends of the year to enhance your brand and stay competitive in the market!


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