Trends in the hospitality sector in 2023

The last two years were terrible for the hospitality sector as there were major job losses and many entertaining companies had to close down. However, since the introduction of reliable vaccines and better testing kits, there has been an attempt for key stakeholders in this industry to bounce back.

They are trying to get people back using great deals and offers. Customers are now aware of several trends in the industry like health and well-being, sustainable development as new benchmarks. Let’s discuss the current trends in the hospitality sector.

An Overview on the Hospitality Sector

This industry has two major categories, which are accommodation and food/beverages. While the former is broader, the latter can be said to be a part of the accompanying sector.

Food and breakfast are known as a segment of accommodation because most hotels, restauration houses, motels or lodges also serve meals and drinks as part of their services.

However, in some cases, customers look their food in the market which isn’t part of the entertainment sector. In this case, food and services aren’t part of the accommodation.

8 top trends in the hospitality sector

Here are the best trends in this industry for the year:

Leisure Travelers and Hotel workspaces

It is now common for employees to work remotely as a shift from the traditional working method. This is because of the health crises that have halted many businesses around the world. Top companies like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have resorted to working online as a strategy for their workers.

This is good news for many businesses, as their places have now been used as makeshift offices for many travelers who work from their rooms. 95% of hotels now offer fiber cable Internet access and coffee for people staying in their rooms.

Health, Well-being and Holistic hospitality

Self-care and preventive drugs are now trendy due to the coronavirus pandemic. The health sector is now a multi-billion business, and creative venues are in pole position to take advantage of this situation. This is true, especially for those with well-equipped facilities.

There is an increase in demand for spa and beauty offerings by many health diagnostic clinics in Paris. They now use many of these venues for sessions in emotional health, vitality and healing.

New guest experience

Many hotels are using more apps to help them provide maximum customer satisfaction. This trend of digital services by stakeholders in this industry has a higher momentum in 2021. Customers are now attending to using mobile check-in, biometrics and contactless transactions.

Customers who are used to the latest smartphone features like facial recognition and fingerprint will not use the same when they want to access their rooms. The word is a small space and needs exploration.


The importance of customers has grown over the years. They are now highly respected and given proper respect. Entertainment business owners are now using several high-tech services for email marketing. They now add customers’ names to the database, which gives them past buying habits.

Platforms like CRM and CEM make use of big data to convey a personal interaction between guests and hotel managers. There are several A1 chatbots which are available to help customers with booking and answering inquiries.


Many clients need high personal attention and special experiences. This could lead to the demise of travel agents and encourage the rise of independent travelers. The trend of minimalism has encouraged many people to believe less is more.

People now reduce their lavish display of wealth and they are now conscious of how they spend money. Travelers are now purposeful and are ready to make more impact in the world. Everyone is trying to minimize wastage and manage their resources.

Solo Travel

In this season of loudness and unnecessary extravagance, many people have embraced mindfulness and now value spending more time alone. They love venturing into the world without company, making light interactions and small friends.

This is common in France as many people feel more comfortable when they are in small groups or alone than when they are in-crowd. Due to this trend, staff now ensure rooms come with interior designs that show a sense of homeliness.

Source of Sustainability

There are now simple eco-friendly switches in the international stores which include changing small tissues with bigger ones, sourcing dispensers locally and reducing energy usage. Many now prefer smart bulbs, and safe energy, and are mindful of what happens to their immediate environment.

Virtual and Augmented reality

With the rise of visually attractive content in the global world, it’s natural for those in this business to capitalize on this to make their business better. They now offer virtual tours where customers can view themselves.

There are videos which provide a good view of cafes and the hotel environment. This service is now available on various devices without using a VR headset.

Like the real estate industry, the entertainment business is now one of the best sectors to watch out for this year. Their offers are now better and they offer luxury services.

Travel Influence Guide 2023

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