Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook website decides to use Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to help host and influencers because these platforms are available to wide and loyal audiences. Influencers and hosts aim to have as many followers as possible where they can market themselves.

Furthermore, new insights from these platforms can be good for influencers to brand and market their products. Let’s look at the benefits of using social networks, the specificities of these networks, the various marketing strategies which these targets use and the social networks which influencers use.

What are the advantages of these social networks for these two targets?

Influencers and hosts using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok can be benefited a lot. Here are some reasons why influencers and hosts use these platforms:

Helps build trust quickly

These three social media platforms can help influencers to build a viable relationship with their fans. Their fans trust them more because of the content used on these social media websites.

The attention these hosts and influencers get from the social media platforms is huge, especially when they share good content.

Enhances Brand awareness

Facebook, Instagram and TikTok help influencers expand their reach and position outline. Social media users who run into billions will be able to connect more with these targets and know more about their stories and brands.

Helps with content strategy

Content strategy is important when using social media, that’s why many influencers and hosts use these platforms to enrich their content schedule.

When these targets run out of ideas and content, all they need is to use these platforms for their research.

Aids in reaching their target audiences

Host and influencers use these social media platforms to get messages across to their audience. It serves as a gateway to connect to all your fans and potential viewers who are interested in what you want to showcase.

What are the specificities of each of these social networks(Content, target…)

Each social network has its specialities and functions, which make them heavily sought after by influencers and hosts. Let’s discuss these specificities:


Instagram is a social media which deals mainly with audiences who want to share pictures and videos. Instagram has been around for a while, and it is used by artists, musicians and many people in the entertainment industry.

This social media platform has become popular among the youth because they can live a life that’s different from reality. Also, it helps showcase their products.

The target audience of Instagram are students, youths, the younger generation and people who want to be entertained. If you are looking for graphical content, new trends and real-time videos and gossip, you want to use Instagram.


TikTok is an Asian-based platform that mirrors Instagram. If you are interested in skits, short videos or want to share information about your producer, it’s the ideal platform.

While TikTok isn’t as popular as Instagram, it has gained social media ground rapidly. Contents on TikTok can get influencers and host many followers, especially if they are active.


This is the oldest social media website among these websites, and it still has many members. Registration is easy and fast. Not surprisingly, Facebook has more members than the other platforms, due to its age.

Contents on Facebook include:

  • breaking news
  • videos
  • quotes
  • products adverts

The audience of Facebook ranges from all sectors and isn’t as streamlined as other platforms.

What are the marketing techniques to know and apply according to the two targets?

Influencers and hosts use various marketing strategies and apply them to achieve their objectives, they are:

Social media analytics

Social media analytics allows you to be able to analysis people who visit your page and the traffic on your website account. This is an important marketing strategy because it helps you decide if people are visiting your site and how your content attracts people to your page.

Digital marketing

Another marketing strategy is digital marketing, which ensures you rank as high as possible and remain visible to your target audience. Digital marketing is ideal because it ensures your products and markets get to as many customers as possible.

Online Polls

Influencers and hosts use online polls and questionnaires to engage their audience. This technique is used to get into the mind of visitors and know what they want.

You can also use polls to decide if you will have positive or negative feedback.

What are the social networks used by influencers?

Influencers use many social networks to create awareness and to influence their customers as much as possible. These social networks include:


YouTube remains a top social media platform that many influencers use to attract viewers. It is used primarily to display video content.

It’s a nice platform to show music videos and audio. Tour guides and marketers can also use YouTube to display their products.


Snapchat is another good social media platform influencers and hosts use in order to influence people to patronize them. This platform is more of a picture and videos platform where you can make short videos that will attract lots of people.

With Snapchat, you have several editing features which can make the picture quality clearer and more beautiful than reality.


Professionals in all fields who are seeking to connect with people in their careers or with similar roles use this platform. LinkedIn remains a respected platform where you can hire graduates while viewing their credentials.


This is known as the gossip platform of the world. If you want a platform where you can get breaking news, gossip or debates, Twitter is the one.

It has many youth audiences and is a great place for influencers and hosts to get many followers.


Twitch is a video platform that is similar to YouTube. You can view live matches, tournaments and live casino games. Twitch is popular among European countries because of its flexibility and simplicity.

Paid content for brands (Tourist offices, hotels, transport companies such as Interrail…)

Using paid content for brands and product awareness is common these days. Here are some places where this paid content is used:

Tourist offices

Paid content is used for brands in tourist offices and resort to market their services and products. Because of the population of these tourist offices, it is a good avenue for these brands.


Hotels are also a good place where paid content works. However, you need to use relevant content for this place, to get more customers.

Transport companies like Interrail

There are also specialized paid brands for transport firms because they are easily accessible. It isn’t unusual to use to see posters, videos and banners on transport cars in their offices.

Influencers and hosts need to make maximum use of the power of social media to reach their audience. platform positions itself on numerous social media sites to help these targets gain more visibility.

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