Influencer marketing trends in 2023

From the rise of short videos and audio to the rise of NFTs and responsible influence, content creators have seen many changes. But what about 2023? Will marketing be shaken up by new trends that have never been seen before? Let’s decipher the major trends that are emerging in the industry!

Trend 1: Responsible influence is gaining ground!

Indeed, responsible influence is now one of the main themes (if not the main one) in this field. After the multiple incidents of influencers challenging their community via dangerous challenges (such as the #BlackOutChallenge consists in forcing themselves to faint by causing partial asphyxiation), promoting brands with irresponsible conditions, or others accused of dropshipping and fraud, marketing professionals and the media world decided to take a closer look at these different aspects. Thus, in 2022, many french actors mobilized and reacted: 

  • The collectives “Paye ton Influence” and “À quand demain”, have produced an ethical charter for influencers (aimed at supporting influencers towards more responsible, ethical, and ecological influence models to anchor their activity in current social and environmental issues)
  • The ARPP (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité) has set up the Responsible Influence Certificate to promote ethical influence marketing that respects the public. It is exclusively reserved for influencers working with advertisers to publish commercial or institutional communications.
  • In addition, Club Med now requires influencers to obtain this certificate to collaborate. 

Trend 2: The rise of collaborations around the creation of exclusive content 

In 2022, co-creation and collaboration between brands and influencers were already established, but in 2023, this marketing technique will grow and develop, as the results (in terms of community engagement and sales) are significant!

For example, Amazon Prime Video recently partnered with Squeezie, a famous french influencer, to create a short film adapted from his Twitter horror thread, called BLEAK: WHO. Prime Video and Squeezie are joining forces to offer both the culmination of the influencer’s horror saga and a pivotal piece of social media storytelling. A new concept in the history of collaboration between a brand and a 2.0 ambassador! 

To conclude, we will remember the last one that created an earthquake in the world of sneakers and influence marketing, it is the collaboration between Léna Situations, a famous french influencer, and the brand Adidas. Indeed, the content creator co-created and designed 4 pairs of trainers sold online and in sneaker shops (between €110 and €120 per model). A first in France for the brand!

She said on her YouTube channel: “They allowed me to choose each of the designs, each of the colors, each of the materials”. Almost beyond co-creation!

There is no doubt that collaborations between brands and influencers will continue to flourish in 2023, with even greater participation by influencers. Menus, hotel rooms, travel guides, snacks, or even car design, the possibilities are endless… 

Trend 3: Influencers go beyond social networks 

Influencers as we know them are true digital babies. From their Twitch & Instagram content to their TikTok videos, they are powerful creative machines. But now, influencers are going further than just producing stories, Reels, and other Twitch shows. Now, our “darlings” can be found in TV commercials, in the press, or even in the creation of new events. 

To illustrate, Squeezie and his first event with crazy results (+1 million viewers on Twitch), created the Explorer Grand Prix. This is a Formula 4 exhibition race bringing together 22 Internet personalities. The first edition was held on 8 October 2022 at the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans. To make this unique experience happen, Squeezie surrounded himself with numerous partners such as Fruitz, Nord VPN, Alpine, and iGraal. Of course, it was an event broadcast live on Twitch, but we’re more interested in the organization of this major event by Squeezie and his team. Another string to his bow that he revealed to his community, making him the most powerful influencer in France. 

Trend 4: Keep the brief: designers in charge of collaborations

The objective today is to “make ads that don’t look like ads”. On the one hand, think of sponsored formats that would blend in with any other content from the influencer. On the other hand, to see the creator as a creative agency in its own right. Most of the collaborations seen on TikTok have taken this turn perfectly. Antton Racca, a short film director, imagines multi-part fiction around a specific product: his four-part video saga in partnership with Yogolicious has accumulated nearly 8M views to date. 


The influencer is not a tool, he is a collaborator! He is better able than anyone else to understand and identify the desires of his audiences on his redirection platforms. The more freedom we give him, the more likely he is to convert his followers. 

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