What is influence marketing ?

Getting the right promotion for a service and product is important, especially for those who are in the travel and hospitality industry. Social selling isn’t new because it’s a way to use celebrities to promote your brand using the various social networks channels available. Let’s discuss what influence marketing is, its benefits and the objectives influence marketing has for businesses.

What is influence marketing?

Influence marketing is when an influencer is used to promote a brand’s product and services. The earlier form of influence marketing is celebrity endorsement. When a brand endorses a celebrity, the influencer is bound to use his social media accounts to promote the services and products of the brand.

In today’s digital world, social media has broadened the scope of digital marketing, where social creators with millions of followers on social media are contacted by brands to help them in a promotion. US and Canadian marketers use a form of influence marketing, which is expected to increase to 80% in 2022. Instagram is the most used platform by social influencers for marketing.

However, don’t write TikTok off yet because campaigns by social media hosts rose to about 69% from 55% last year. Although not as powerful as before, Facebook is also another medium of influence marketing that attracts many people.

Benefits of Influence marketing

Influence marketing comes with several merits for brands, individuals and businesses. These benefits include:

Boosts SEO, ROI of businesses

Using an active celebrity and social media influencer to promote your products helps make your brand more visible. Since these influencers create regular content for your brands, your ranking in Google improves and visibility is assured. Because of this, Return on the investment made on these influencers is assured.

Increases sales

For businesses and brands, when they use a good influencer, their sales increase, and they make more money. The followers of the influencer are inspired by his content and will patronize the brand.

Builds credibility and trust

Influence marketing tends to build a good reputation between the followers and the brand. Since you are using a celebrity who is popular, many social media users trust the product that is being marketed.

Objectives of influence marketing

Influence marketing aims to achieve the following objectives:

Increase visibility through social networks and influencers

One of the objectives of influence marketing is to make products and services more visible to their customers.

Those in the travel and hospitality sector who want to show their customers that they have good meals, premium quality accommodation, nice drinks and lodges will have more clients when they use influence marketing effectively.

Driving customer engagement

Having regular and positive engagement with their customers is good for businesses. That’s why brands engage in influence marketing to be able to know how their customers feel and get feedback.

Increased brand awareness

Startups and brands in the travel sector who want to get their products and services to millions of social media users will achieve this by using influence marketing.

Influencers and social media hosts are hired by brands to help them market their products and share their experiences with their followers. Influence marketing remains a vital tool in today’s e-commerce world.

Travel Influence Guide 2023

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