Hospitality : The future of luxury travel

2022 has been a pretty good year for the luxury industry. Hotels, resorts and other tourism destinations have gradually bounced back from the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the industry in 2021.

However, what does the future hold for this luxury travel and how can they address some of the challenges they are facing? We will take a look at the future of luxury travel and how the hotel industry will cope in 2023.


Believe it or not, Virtual reality will gain more prominence in the luxury industry in the coming years. The industry will use virtual reality as an avenue to show customers how to book ahead.

Moreover, whether it is for a hotel tour, party, or yacht rental, the latest technology will be fully integrated into the industry. You will find opportunities like 3D walk-throughs and an avenue to talk to customer support via an avatar. When you check this online resource, you will see some suggestions on how the luxury travel sector will perform in the future.

Top among the firms pushing for this are Emirates with their Oculus Headset, Apple with its mixed reality headset, and Igoroom. They are trying to infuse VR on the tours into luxury hotels and resorts in the coming year.

Intrepid yachting

Many tours are moving away from meandering around the Caribbean and Mediterranean. They are planning an exotic sailing into more extreme locations. How will you feel kayaking around the icebergs in Antarctica? It could happen in 2023 according to Cookson adventures.

This tour service is planning an exciting traveling into several extreme locations in 2023. They have started marketing their explores yacht, Octopus, which will take interested people around Antarctica.

Most destinations next year for intrepid travelers will include Alaskan Fjord, Papa New Guinea, and the Galapagos islands. If you are interested in a daring travel experience, start making preparations.

Seeking longevity

Many people and businesses are obsessed with seeking an extension of life. According to research by Allied Market, there is an investment in anti-aging therapy which is worth more than $46.3 billion. This shows that more people are interested in looking younger.

Moreover, in Switzerland, La Prairie Hotel Spa is investing in ‘Longevity hubs’ for people in Doha and China. Also, pay attention to the global blue zones: Okinawa, Sardinia, Nicoya, Ikaria, and Loma Linda. Research has shown that these places have citizens who leave longer.

Floating Hotels

Sea levels are predicted to rise, which has forced many residents to move to the inland. Now many property developers are focusing their attention to build hotels on water. This is more than a survival strategy, aquatic architecture comes with many benefits like 360 ​​sea views and mobility which many in the luxury hospitality industry are looking at.

In 2023, look out for Kempinski Floating Palace which plans to open soon. At the beginning of their launching, they are expected to open with 12 floating villas which can detach and sail off on their own. Also, the plan is on the way to complete floating cities in the Maldives and South Korea.

NFT perks

Loyalty rewards and offers in the hospitality business are starting to be a thing of the past. The introduction of Web3 and underpins such as cryptocurrency are now new ways to connect with customers.

Many people involved in the Luxury Travel industry have started using NFTs and leveraging them to offer perks. You can check Pelorus which is providing experimental benefits like discounts on private hire via NFTs. In San Francisco, a popular club ‘Sho’ is selling their membership NFTs for about $250,000. In 2023, expect Emirates and Dream hotels to also start launching NFTs offers.

Carbon-negative travel

Climate change is seen by many hospitality experts as a serious threat to tourism. Many are not comfortable working for Carbon Neutrality. It’s expected that in the future, trips will at least have double carbon which will make them Carbon Negative.

However, this will depend heavily on how accurate the emissions calculation is. Google flights for example has removed all effects on flights asides from CO2.

Betterment Retreats

Based on research by Grand view, the personal development sector will be working about $70 billion in 20 26. This is a good opportunity for those in the luxury industry as they can organize retreats to help people level up. This is a great chance for people dealing with trauma, to find life purpose and need a clear vision.

Recently, the British Virgin Islands is inviting people to attend summits like Love and Strength. Also, Mind Environment is hosting retreats in France and Scotland that aim to improve people’s self-development. This trend is expected to continue in the future as people are trying to get back their lives after covid-19.

Sustainable luxury

The future of the luxury sector will include having special trips which are meant to sustain community works and contribute to helping rural areas. This luxury travel trend helps influence the impact on the future of the planet. With these travels, one can help support countries that have suffered greatly and need tourists to boost their economy.

The future of the luxury travel industry is looking good and very promising. Many people in the Hotel industry are looking forward to what it has to offer.


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