How to avoid having unoccupied rooms for a hotel?

Hotels are always seeking to attract more guests to their locations for boarding and financial reasons. The entertainment business is a very lucrative one, however, very competitive. Due to COVID-19, many accommodations in Paris have seen patronage at the lowest, which has made many owners close down their businesses. There are also many factors which affect spaces to remain unoccupied in for long. This post will discuss some causes, and how you can avoid having an unoccupied space at your hotel.

Factors that cause empty rooms in a hotel

Lodges in Paris don’t just become empty, there are some causes of these problems, they include:

Travel restrictions

Covid-19 has introduced many businesses to start using the remote model of working. Now, meetings don’t usually take place in rooms and conferences.

Many use Zoom meetings as a real alternative space. Trade shows and conferences have been canceled around the world because of the pandemic. While some travel bans have been lifted, many remain in place.

Hotel Guest fears and concerns

Many people who are regular guests in hotels have now postponed plans to visit hôtel because of their health and safety. Furthermore, the current economic problems all over the world have many customers to shun lodges and find cheaper alternatives like staying with families.

Seasonal patterns

In Paris, there are distinct high seasons where many customers make money on properties. There are seasons when there is high patronage in hotels and other accommodations. However, in some seasons, especially winter, there are many unoccupied spaces in hotels because of poor weather conditions.

Not giving your customers hotel service

This is a time when customers of a hotel are to be appreciated and revered. Happy customers usually leave ratings from 4 to 5-star reviews when they are happy. But dissatisfied customers will leave a negative review which can affect the reputation and ensures customers to run away from the salle. It is important to have a management program which would solve such issues that customers complain about.

Ways to prevent having unoccupied rooms

To make the place occupied, making these hotels more appealing and attract more customers is important.

Develop and promote special offers

To get your places occupied and get customers to stay, you should add special offers on accommodation rates. Tell customers that for each area they take, they get packages like a spa treatment, free fitness classes, and Wi-Fi which they will enjoy. These things in a hotel might make them have a change of heart and patronize them more.

Try to organize special shows and conferences

You should check to try to be imaginative and organize social events which can make customers stay in your accommodation. These shows should have quizzes, live bands and other matchmaking events. This will be a lively event that will appeal to many travelers around the world.

Promote your hotel to local firms

You should try to talk to companies around you to patronize your accommodation. Take good pictures of your place, spa and other facilities you have and share them with them. Tell them they can use it if they have an event and that you will offer them some rebates. If they have any concerns, answer their questions and our their mind at rest.

Offer discounts on meals

Offer customers free drinks and meals once they book accommodation. This will serve as an incentive and can attract new customers to the lodge. Ensure you make this known by newsletters, emails and SMS. A hotel owner in salle reveals this has worked for him.

Promote weekdays events

In Paris, many individuals now work from home, and this has made midweek weddings and events have become more popular. Ensures you market these wedding events to avoid clashing with corporate events on weekends. Get customers to visit your place, have the best spa services, and use the swimming pool during the week.

Extend breaks

You can get unoccupied space in Cambridge to be filled easily by additional breaks. Offer real discount deals by telling them if they book for a specific day, they can stay longer for free for some time.

Talk to key players in the real estate industry

Many personalities are always seeking houses nearby to pay in or lease in the city. These people need a place to stay. Talk to realtors and cash home buyer companies about special rates if they can advertise and bring customers for you. You could give them a percentage for each customer or offer them other non-financial benefits.

Hire excellent Staff

The type of rooms staff you have will affect if your customers come back or not. Ensure your workers are on good behavior and don’t disrespect customers. Make sure they clean all area including swimming pool after use and always attend to clients respectfully. Your staff should be regularly trained about how to treat customers.

Hotels can get better patronage and prevent unoccupied spaces by taking into account the above-mentioned ways. There are thousands of clients looking for where to stay daily, ensure you are ready for them.

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