Hotel marketing: The best strategies for 2023

Hotel marketing is at the heart of performance and profitability issues for all establishments in the hospitality sector. With increasing competition, it is crucial for your hotel that the concepts of brand awareness and visibility are well understood to succeed in your hotel’s communication strategy. Implementing a marketing strategy for your hotel requires solid knowledge and skills.

Here are the best 2023 hotel marketing strategies to increase your occupancy rate and generate more direct bookings.

The digital marketing strategy

There are several ways to advertise your hotel traditionally. For example, through newspapers, trade magazines, billboards, flyers, or leaflets. The latter is often used to advertise or communicate events or contact information about the hotel.

But in 2023, the trend is digital. By focusing your marketing and communication strategy on several digital channels you are on the winning path.

Not only are these channels very effective, but they also offer a better return on investment than more traditional methods that require a higher initial investment.

Following a study by Talk, 60% of bookings worldwide are made online and 52% of travelers follow a page related to their next holiday after booking.

Which channel to use for your hotel’s online marketing?

Your website. Take a look at your hotel’s website and ask yourself these questions: Is it up-to-date? Is it attractive? Is it easy to book a room from the homepage? If not, this should be your priority. A good website is essential to any good marketing strategy.

Then think about which social networks you want to focus on. Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn?

Do you want to invest in sponsored posts?

Do you use e-mail marketing?

Remember that a good marketing strategy is constantly evolving. You should regularly review your results and make adjustments if necessary. By constantly adjusting and improving your strategy, you will ensure that you get the best possible results for your hotel.

Which social platforms should hoteliers use first?

Social networks for hotels are the most important communication channel. They allow hotel managers to communicate directly with their guests and respond quickly to questions or problems.

By using different social platforms, you can reach a wider audience, and different targets according to the channels they consult most, diversify your content by making it complementary and build a loyal and engaged community.

  • Instagram: to make people dream with beautiful pictures
  • Facebook: to inform and engage the audience (share press articles that talk about your hotel, ask for customers’ opinions, talk about your current offers, etc.)
  • LinkedIn: to attract a professional clientele for business trips…

Promote your hotel through travel influencers

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of a winning social media strategy for the hotel industry. Integrating this aspect into your existing hotel marketing strategy means finding influencers that best fit your establishment.

Choose relevant influencers, who have a broad enough reach and whose content resonates with the audience you want to attract. For small establishments such as B&Bs or guest houses, it will be preferable to choose micro-influencers for their better conversion rate (due to their authenticity).

Looking for the perfect influencer for the perfect collaboration? Join Hotspot


A hotel marketing strategy is more than essential to attracting guests and generating bookings. Marketing plays an essential role in the success of any hotel.


Travel Influence Guide 2023

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